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Card Serial Number
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Credentials ordered from a manufacturer can contain a secure card number which normally is printed on the credential as well as a unique serial number stored in an unsecure sector of the credential. This serial number is referred to as the Card Serial Number (CSN) and the number is not printed on the credential. It is common to have the CSN be read when using credentials and reads from different manufactures such as a HID card on a Wavelynx reader. When having to configure a system utilizing the CSN, it is highly recommended an enrollment reader be used as there is no means to know what the CSN is until it is presented at a reader.

CSN Identification
A signal the CSN is being seen is when the bit length reported in the diagnostic screen is  a multiple of 8 and the printed card number, nor facility code is not located anywhere in the bit stream. 

Card Format
The CSN makes up the entire bit stream read by the reader. A custom card format may need to be configured to use all the bits for the card number and then assigned with a facility code of -1 to ignore the site code.
 When the bit length exceeds 32 bits, the option "Use Large Card Numbers" must be enabled within the sites screen.

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