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MR-52 Series 3B
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Due to supply chain issues and the difficult availability of silicon, Mercury has introduced a new variant of the MR-52 which behaves the exact same as the current series 3 model and has the designation MR-52-S3B. The primary difference between models is the alternate components that were used in the construction of the panel. 


  • All versions of Access It! will support this MR-52-S3B variant.
  • Any SCP/EP/LP or equivalent model will support this MR-52-S3B variant.

Mercury FAQ's

Will the MR-52-S3B be manufactured in tandem with the MR-52-S3?

As components become available, the MR-52-S3 boards will be manufactured. Once released, and as components to build become available, both MR-52-S3B and MR-52-S3 boards will be manufactured in tandem for a cut-over period. Once the MR-52-S3B and its operations are efficiently running, HID will cut-over and manufacture ONLY the MR-52-S3B

Will both MR-52-S3B and MR-52-S3 firmware be maintained indefinitely?

Yes, by rule, firmware will release for BOTH targets indefinitely until such time that the series 3 boards are replaced with a future generation of product (for example, series 2 to series 3 migration). Exception releases for a specific target may be needed, either to address defects that exist on only one target, or in other non-standard scenarios. That said, SIO firmware versions will maintain parity

Will I have to order the MR-52-S3B or MR-52-S3 board by specific part number?

Yes, the ACRE order entry team will require that the correct version of board is entered on sales orders and purchase orders. 
Will the MR-52-S3B have all the latest hardware changes that went into the MR-52-S3 board?

Yes, the MR-52-S3B board is based on the latest MR-52-S3 design, with the only modifications being changes that are required to work around silicone supply constraints.

What happens if you download MR-52-S3B firmware to an MR-52-S3 board or vice versa?

No issue will occur if the incorrect firmware image is downloaded to a board. When this occurs, the board will detect the incorrect firmware image and will revert back to the previous version running on the board.

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