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Programming HID SIGNO Readers for OSDP
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This article outlines how to configure and add an HID Signo Reader as an OSDP Reader in Access It! Universal.NET.

Configuring the HID Signo Reader

  1. Install HID Reader Manager on the a mobile device
    How to Set Up the HID Reader Manager App
  2. Ensure Location service is turned on the mobile device and give the HID Reader Manager App permission to use phone location service
    Even though the reader connects via Bluetooth, it does not pair with a traditional Bluetooth connection. It will use the Phone Location service, instead of the Bluetooth service in the reader and is enabled by searching for a Bluetooth signal named 'seos'.
  3. Search for Readers in the HID Reader Manager
  4. Click on the reader and select Inspect
  5. Select Software Configuration and follow the onscreen instructions
  6. Power cycle the reader
  7. Under Communication Protocol, enable OSDP
  8. Apply Selected Template and power cycle the reader when prompted
    Make sure the mobile device is within wireless communication distance of the reader during the configuration.

More Information

For assistance setting up OSDP readers with Access It! Universal.NET, follow the OSDP Readers within Access It! Universal.NET article.
If additional Information is needed for the HID Reader Manager consult the HID Reader Manager User Guide or Contact HID Global.

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