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Configuring the Keypad Reader Output Format for use with Access It!
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This article explains how to change the keypad mode of a keypad reader in Access It!. Keypad readers are pre-formatted from the manufacturer to output a particular format, which are usually specified by the model number on the back of the reader. Access It! only supports 4 and 8 bit keypad output formats.

NOTE: 26 bit output keypad readers are NOT supported with the use of PINs.

Changing the Keypad Mode of a Keypad Reader

By default the keypad mode is set to the 8 bit setting, (Motorola/Indala). To change this to the 4 bit output setting, perform the following steps: 

  1. Edit the keypad reader
  2. Select the Reader Settings tab
  3. Set the Reader type to Proximity with Keypad
  4. Set the Default reader mode to Card OR PIN, Card AND PIN, or PIN Only
  5. Click the Edit button next to Reader Type
  6. Edit the assigned Reader type, (i.e. Proximity with Keypad)
  7. Select the Keypad tab
  8. In the dropdown box, select either the Motorola/Indala (8 bit) or the HID 4 bit format
  9. Click the OK button
  10. Click the Save button

This is a GLOBAL setting, which will affect all keypad readers in the system. If both 4 and 8 bit keypad readers are being used, click the New button at step 6 to create a new reader type and set the keypad mode to either HID 4 bit or Motorola/Indala (8 bit).

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