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Distributed Hardware Firmware Advisory
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When a new version of Access It! is released, it ships with the appropriate SCP firmware to ensure proper compatibility. The firmware being distributed with the software is the minimum level firmware required to support the feature set within the application. The system will check to verify that each SCP is running the proper firmware and if it is not, it will automatically be downloaded to the SCP.

Overriding Auto-Firmware Downloads

While not recommended, it is possible to override the automatic firmware download.

  1. Navigate to Severs (System | Servers)
  2. Edit the desired Server
  3. Select the Hardware tab
  4. Un-check the Automatically upgrade SCP firmware checkbox
  5. Click Save
    After making this adjustment the Access It! Universal.NET service must be restarted. Once all panels have been upgraded, it is recommended this value be re-enabled to prevent any future incompatibility issues.

More Information

For information regarding the un-installation of SCP hardware, please refer to the SCP Automatically Uninstalled KB article.

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