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BEST SwitchTech Integration
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With the release of Access It! v10, support has been added for integration to SwitchTech

Access It! Licensing

  • Switchtech Integration
  • SwitchTech Lock Count - 1/x
  • SwitchTech Key Count - 1/x

Required Components

  • Access It! min s/w v10

Configuring Access It! for the SwitchTech Integration

  1. Update License to include Switchtech
  2. Edit Server (System | Servers)
  3. Click the Switchtech Tab
  4. Configure API Base URL
  5. Enter User ID
  6. Enter Secret
  7. Select the Duplicate event patch checkbox
  8. Select the Privilege paging patch checkbox
  9. Select the Privilege deletion patch checkbox
  10. Configure Email Server by clicking Edit...
  11. Click New
  12. Enter Email Service information
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Save
  15. Select Newly created Email Server
  16. Click Save
  17. Restart the Access It! Service
  18. Edit the Site (System | Sites)
  19. Select the SwitchTech tab
    This tab is not available until the Server is configured and the Access It! Service is restarted.
  20. Select the Enable SwitchTech checkbox
  21. Click Save
  22. Edit the Site (System | Sites)
  23. Select the SwitchTech tab
  24. Click Site Settings...
  25. Complete the SwitchTech Site Settings form
  26. Click OK
  27. Click Save
  28. Restart Access It! Service

Configuring SwitchTech Cores in Access It!

  1. Navigate to SwitchTech Cores (Hardware | Switchtech Cores)
  2. Click New
  3. Enter a name for this core
  4. Click Save

Configuring SwitchTech Keys in Access It!

  1. Navigate to Cardholders
  2. Select the desired Cardholder
  3. Select the SwitchTech Keys tab
  4. Click New
  5. Enter the user's email address in the Email Address field
  6. Select the Email registration token checkbox
  7. Click Save Follow instructions provided via registration email to claim the key

More Information

  • Holidays are only synced if one or more Holiday Groups are selected
  • Assigning Access Levels in Access It! (Have this link KB article)


If SwitchTech Integration reports Error the system is licensed for SwitchTech but there is an issue with the integration

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